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How I migrated my blog to Jekyll/Github

4 minute read

I was a frequent blogger until 5 years ago as I explained on my previous post but this year I decided to return blogging and then move my blog to use Jekyll ...

Do you manage your dotfiles ?

2 minute read

When I started to develop using Javascript languages (AngularJS and NodeJS), the first step was to prepare the development environment in my Computer.

The rise of Javascript

2 minute read

I’m the kind of person who believes that staying in a comfort zone keeps you out of “Where the magic happens”.

5 Years in 1 blog post.

2 minute read

Finally this weekend I concluded the migration of my blog to Jekyll, and publish it under domain. I will talk about this process in another blog...

DeltaSpike 1.0 Released

2 minute read

Hi!!!! When CDI spec came out, there was a huge revolution on everything related to DI on the Java ecosystem. One of the biggest features on CDI is that you’...