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Rafael Benevides is a Cloud-Native Developer Advocate at Oracle. With many years of experience in several fields of the IT industry, he helps developers and companies all over the world to be more effective in software development. Rafael considers himself a problem solver who has a big love for sharing. He is a member of Apache DeltaSpike PMC - a Duke’s Choice Award winner project, and a speaker in conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, TDC, DevNexus and many others.
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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Rafael Benevides. I am a 42 years old Brazilian who lives in Brasília, DF, Brazil. Here, I work as a Cloud-Native Developer Advocate at Oracle, helping Developers to develop Cloud-Native applications using containers and microservices technologies so they can become experts.

Java developer

I started learning Java in 2003 at a Lato Sensu Class. It was a first love sensation. After that I have been studying and trying to use Java as a powered, scalable and productive solution. As a result from this love I took certifications below:

  • 2003 – SCJP - Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4
  • 2004 – SCWCD - Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE 1.4
  • 2006 – SCEA - Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Platform Enterprise Edition Technology
  • 2007 – SCBCD - Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
  • 2007 – ITIL Foundation Certified
  • 2007 – SAP Netweaver Certified
  • 2008 – SCJA - Sun Certified Java Associate
  • 2009 – IBM Certified Specialist: Software Quality
  • 2010 – JBCAA – JBoss Certified Application Administrator – EAP 5
  • 2012 – JBCD-Seam – JBoss Certified Developer in Seam
  • 2012 – JBCAA – JBoss Certified Application Administrator – EAP 6
  • 2016 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service - OpenShift 3
  • 2016 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerized Application Development
  • 2016 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation
  • 2020 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate

The early days

My contact with technology begun in 1988/1989 when I did my first IPD(Data Processing Introduction) and MS-DOS training. On those days, computers were like from another planet. They were very expensive. Each computer had a price of a popular car. I also made DBASE3 and Lotus 123 trainings that year. So in 1994 my father and mother gave me an unforgettable birthday gift: It was a 486 Cytrix dx2 66Mhz with 8MB of ram and 100MB Hard Disk .

The Linux days

In 1995 a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) called Genetic was founded in my town. They’re using Slackware Linux. That year I had my first contact with the Internet. When everyone was installing Win95, I was installing my Linux Slackware copy… The motivation was people saying: “Wow! Linux, that’s a Hacker SO!” (laughs). In 1996 I started at university and also started to work in Genetic. There I had a great teacher, Flavio de Sousa who is an amazing mind and an incomparable geek :)

The enterprise days

From 2001 to 2004 I worked at Lab. Neo Química as System Analyst (started as Support Analyst) and participated on Fox Project. A SAP R/3 installation project including modules: MM(Materials Management), FI(Financial), CO(Controlling), QM(Quality Management), PP(Production Planning), SD(Sales and Distribution) and WM(Warehouse Management). I was QM and PP Key-User.

After I finished my Lato Sensu post-graduation in 2004, I moved to Brasilia to work until May 2007 in Politec allocated in Brazilian Ministry of Justice where I participated in many projects that uses Java from Persistence Engine, passing by Business Component, and finally in view (Web or Desktop). I worked for Summa Technologies and INEP developing system with 20.000 simultaneous users.

In november of 2009 I joined Red Hat as JBoss Consultant. In 2012 I moved to Software Engineer working hard to promote enterprise Java solutions in an effective way. Since 2016 I become a Senior Product Manager, having the mission push even further the tools and practices that help developers to be more productive.

In July of 2019 I joined Oracle as a Cloud-Native Developer Advocate in LAD (Latin America Division) to help customers to address the technical, developer, and strategic IT needs.

My current interests are:

  • Cloud-native applications
  • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Microservices
  • Service Mesh
  • Serverless
  • Object Oriented / Functional Programming
  • Javascript (AngularJS and NodeJS)
  • DevOps tools and practices
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Opensource

That’s all.

Thank you for reading. And I hope to see you again.

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