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As I’ve been working with Docker containers for a long time, it’s natural to look for a way to “orchestrate” those containers and have a professional production-ready support. As a Red Hat employee I’m suspect to say that the best product for this is OpenShift V3 which is built on top of Google’s Kubernetes.

Yesterday I got the results of EX280 (Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service). This exam is focused on OpenShift Enterprise v3.0 and it covers aspects like the instalation, configuration and use of OpenShift (application assemble, deployment, scale, etc). Some experience with RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is also expected.

The exam takes 3 hours and I strongly suggest the candidate to take the DO280 “OpenShift Enterprise Administration” training to be prepared for this certification. The training material and content is very complete and well written. It covers everything that you need to know to take the OpenShift exam. A big Kudos for the Red Hat team who produced the training!

On the exam page you can find more information like “objectives”, “what you need to know”, “audience & prerequisites” and “recommended training”.

The list for my current Red Hat certifications are available in the Verify a Red Hat Certified Professional page and also in the “About me” page.

You can also find a “Red Hat Certified Professional” near you in this page.


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