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Rafael Benevides

Brazilian, Cloud-Native Dev. Advocate at @Oracle, Helping Developers to develop Cloud-Native applications.

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Here you can find all my videos.

In 2019 I released a new video series call in my youtube channel called Devx Time.

This page contains all my videos in English. All videos in Portuguese can be found in this blog post.

DevX Tip: #3 : MicroProfile Config API in 5 minutes

DevX Tip: #2 : Canary deployments with VSCode and Istio/Kiaki

DevX Tip: #1 : Microservices Blue/Green deployment with Kubernetes/Istio

Kubernetes HPA Horizontal Pod Autoscaler demo

CI/CD Deployment pipeline using Jenkins on Kubernetes to deploy a Quarkus Cloud-native application

Deploying microservices using Ansible playbooks

Configure Microservices in OpenShift/Kubernetes using Config Maps

Microservices Blue/Green and Canary deployments with Kubernetes/OpenShift

Microservices CI/CD Pipelines in Kubernetes/Openshift