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Last week happened the Devoxx Morocco 2015. It was the fist Devoxx in Africa, being hosted in Casablanca, Morocco.

That was my first Devoxx and I have to say that it was an honor be part of it as a speaker. My first “university” session was scheduled on Monday at 8:30 AM. It was a thankful surprise to see a lot of people interest to take a ride through the Docker universe using the “Docker for Java Developers - Hands on Lab”. Different versions of this lab have been presented to more than a thousand developers around the world by Arun Gupta, Markus Eisele and me.

The “university” covered Docker basics, image creation, WildFly container deployment, composition and scale with Docker Compose and a brief introduction to Kubernetes concepts like Pods, Replication Controller, Services and Labels. The presented material is available at http://bit.ly/DockerKubernetes.

Next day I talked about DeltaSpike - the CDI toolbox and it was very satisfying to see a lot of questions and people interested on it.

One of the best things about these events is to meet people. It was a great opportunity to see again old colleagues (Markus Eisele, Aslak Knutsen, Yara Senger and Vinicius Senger); and make new ones (Thomas Modeneis, Katarina Dabo, Ray Tsang (The Kubernetes guy), Dan Allen (The Asciidoctor guy), Schalk Cronjé, Stephan Janssen, Chiara Chiappini, Maxime David, Louis Jacomet, John T Davies, Pierre-A Grégoire, Arnaud Héritier, Abdellatif BOUCHAMA, Amira LAKHAL, and many others).

The organization by Morocco JUG and its folks (Badr Elhouari - a great host - and his wife Hanae EL BOUYOUSFI; Faissal Boutaounte, Aboullaite Mohammed, etc) made the DevoxxMA even more friendly. The event had a partnership with AIESEC - An organization that develops youths (Wilfred Omondi, Hind Kossara and many others students who worked at DevoxxMA as a voluteer) to improve their leadership skills.

I did exactly how it was well said at the Devoxx banner (as you can see at the above picture):

“#DevoxxMA is a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with best quality people from around the world! Share, learn, hack, network, get inspired & don’t miss to have a lot of fun :)

Take a look on the Best Of DevoxxMA 2015 in the following video:

Cheers to all people that I met there!

I hope I can meet all of you again in the future!


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