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Finally this weekend I concluded the migration of my blog to Jekyll, and publish it under rafabene.com domain. I will talk about this process in another blog post since I have a lot of to write.

I love express ideas but to be honest, since 2010 a stopped writting blog posts and start using my twitter account to express them. But it has been several years that I miss to have more than a short 140-character message. The easy of twitter has made me lazy about writting.

My lazyness to write blog posts had an excuse: I had recently joined Red Hat in 2009 as a “JBoss Consultant” and my weekly rountine consisted in travelling the whole Brazil to support and assist custumers using JBoss products. From Monday to Friday I was out of my home and deeply involved in the costumer project; thinking and making PoCs at nights to propose them a solution on the next day and implement it. As a Consultant I had a chance to meet gorgeous projects and amazing people in several cities like: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, São José dos Campos, Campinas, Belém, Belo-Horizonte, Vitória, João Pessoa, Aracajú, and my beloved Goiânia.

After 3 years as a JBoss Consultant, in 2012 I was transfered to the “Sofware Engineer” role on the former project JDF - JBoss Developer Framework. This project today is now known as JBoss Developer Materials which I’m currently leading it.

In 2014 I joined the Apache DeltaSpike team to contribute with it and in 2015 I become part of DeltaSpike P.M.C (Project Management Committee)

Finally, in the beginning of 2015 I made one of the biggest change of my life: I moved to Raleigh, NC. Is it definitive or how long will I stay here? I don’t know! But I’m using this opportunity to improve my English and keep learning. This 2015 I was much more focused in tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Vagrant and Fabric8.

Yes! I still miss to do “Software Development” and because of that I’m using my free time to learn “Javascript” frameworks like Angular and tools like NodeJS, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, etc. To get more practice with Angular, I rencetly started to contribute with OpenShift Origin. But all of these “Javascript” histories are subjects for a next post.



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