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Today I received my exam results for the JBCAA – JBoss Certified Application Administrator – for EAP6.

Most people asked me why take another certification since you’re already a JBCAA for EAP5. That’s easy to answer: EAP6 has fully changed. It’s basically a new product with new (and wonderful) features.

I didn’t take any training for this certification (but that’s another long and sad history), but as a Red Hat employee I have used the JB248 course books and read it all. Then I read the exam objectives and did one of each objective to practice. The most hard part is to setup a TCP based cluster.

For those who uses JBoss in their infrastructure: Don’t loose the chance to work with the new EAP in Domain mode. It’s simply awesome!

Ceriticate Verification: https://www.redhat.com/wapps/training/certification/verify.html?certNumber=111-061-115

P.S: Thanks once more for Douglas Ramiro who is RHCX (Red Hat Certified Examiner). His presence here in Brasília made this test possible and uncomplicated


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