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A long time ago 
in a galaxy far, 
far away....


10 years ago
in Brasília

… I joined Red Hat (now IBM).

Yeap! 10 years ago, in this same city of Brasília, at the heart of Brazil I started an era at Red Hat.

The last years were amazing! I visited 17+ countries, spoke at several conferences and developer groups, published a book, released a Youtube channel, and made uncountable friends worldwide.

However, at the end of this decade, I’m changing my home in every possible sense.

First, I moved from Orlando-FL, where I lived since 2017 (I lived in Raleigh-NC since 2015) to live again in Brasília-DF.

Second, today I joined Oracle as a Cloud-Native Developer Advocate in LAD (Latin America Division). Here I have the mission to help customers to adopt open-source solutions (Yes!) using Oracle’s Cloud-Native Linux solutions portfolio.

But the end of the last decade doesn’t mean the end of my relationship with Developers and the Development industry. Instead of that, I’ll continue working with Developers that are seeking to produce high-quality Cloud-Native applications. I’ll continue sharing knowledge about open-source technologies and solutions at conferences. The Youtube channel DevX Time will continue with a serie of videos (in Portuguese) talking about Cloud-Native applications and CNCF projects so don’t forget to subscribe to it.

Talking about CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), subscribe also to Cloud Native Computing Talks Brazil to keep in touch with great content brought to you by amazing speakers.

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