JDF 2.0.0.Final released!

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Hi!!! Yesterday (10/24/2012) JDF – JBoss Developer Framework 2.0.0.Final was released. The focus in this release is mobile hybrid applications with Apache Cordova. This release has 65 quickstarts and TicketMonster example and its tutorial was also updated.

Another great part of this release is the JBoss Stacks subproject. Have you ever wanted to know what Archetypes or BOMs did you need to use for an specific JBoss Version ? With JBoss Stacks you can easily have access to this information.

The Archetypes / BOMs / Runtimes relationship is kept in a yaml file on Github that provides these informations through JBoss Stacks Client API. Some examples of JBoss Stacks use is the new JBoss Tools 4 feature and the JBoss Stacks page itself.

Are you using Forge? No problem! You can also use JDF Forge plugin to get the right BOM on your project. To get more information about the BOM (Bill of Materials) concept take a look at the Introduction to the Dependency Mechanism on Maven Site.



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